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There’s Strength in Numbers

Welcome to Prosave

We offer two unique services to professional service firms in Ireland and the United Kingdom. We provide PI cover renewal and leveraged supplier savings and we provide consultancy services for professional firms.

Our consultancy services enhance the value of your firm, increase competitiveness, improve performance and save your firm money in a number of ways. Our leveraged supplier savings model gives you back your buying power. We negotiate with suppliers of products and services to professional firms on your behalf to get you the best deals for the best products in the market place.

Without doubt though, the biggest cost concern for most firms at the moment is the projected increases in professional indemnity insurance. For more details on our PI renewal audit click here. Even if you donn’t qualify for a reduced premium we can still save you money in other areas. And in the meantime, we can assess where you can reduce your risk exposure, make internal process recommendations which will hopefully make you a more suitable prospect next year.